Advanced Laser Tag Stratogies

Crossfire Lasertag has been hosting laser tag parties for more then a decade and in that time we have learned that there are definitely some important tactics to playing laser tag.

Keep your head down:
Instead of peeking over the top of the bunkers, look around the sides. When you look over the top, everyone can see you. When you peek around the sides, only part of the field can see you

Shoot a lot:
Keeping a sniper or a medic to the back of the field is often a good idea. However, those in the back should still be shooting a lot. Always be looking for an enemy to blast!

Spread out:
If you are next to a friend and one of you gets blasted, you will both get blasted. In laser tag it is almost always better to spread out. The only time you should get together is to use a medic box.

Attack with the reload trap:
Every 12 shots the enemy will need to reload and that takes 3 whole seconds! Get close to an enemy (one bunker away). Reload while they are blasting at your bunker. Then charge them as they reload. This strategy separates the pros from the newbies.

Work in coordinated pairs:
Two people that are well coordinated can protect each other from the reload trap. 

Get behind the enemy line:
If you can get behind the enemy you can get them stuck in a crossfire. Try going around the outside edge of the battlefield. This is usually easier after the teams have battled for a couple of minutes and there are fewer players on the field.

Control the field:
Look for a long alleyway between the bunkers that runs the length of the field. Once you find one, keep control off it with heavy fire. That way you can control a large section of the battlefield and wait for an enemy to cross your line of site.

Using the medic box wisely:
Medic boxes can heal multiple people with each charge. Never heal one person. Always heal groups. After healing a group, make sure to spread out again quickly.

Using the Grenade wisely:
Let it cook for 2 whole seconds before throwing.
Once the grenade explodes, use it as bait to draw out your enemy. Instead of trying to retrieve the grenade, blast the enemy as they try and get it.