Crossfire Lasertag uses top of the line industrial quality lasertag gear. Our blasters utilize exclusive SunPlay technology, which means that they work perfectly, even in direct sunlight. No longer restricted to indoor arenas, Crossfire can bring the excitement of lasertag anywhere.
The S-7 Sniper Rifle

Weighing in at 2¼ lbs, the S-7 brings an unparalleled combination of range and features to the battlefield.
     Programmed to deal twice the damage as our smaller auto-blaster, the S-7 is often a deciding factor in our games. 

  • Red-dot site (pictured on left)
  • Range: 570 (170m), even in direct sunlight
  • Pull back reload lever
  • Bullet, clip, and health display

                             Eclipse 400 / Auto Blaster

     Our smaller Auto-blasters weigh in at 1 lb (0.45 kg) and have a range of 570 feet. Programmed with infinite ammo and a rapid fire rate, these blasters a lot of fun to wield. They are small enough for children to use but also advanced enough to create complex battle scenarios.
     Our Eclipse blasters are completely programable, making it easy to bring new elements into the game. By adding a medic or a grenade to the game, we can bring another level of strategy to the battles. To make things really intense, we can give one team just five minutes before their gear automaticaly tags out. Our Eclipses give us a great deal of flexibility.

                                               Medic Boxes

     This allows one of your team mates to heal "wounded" players. It is usually a good idea to keep your medic protected towards the back of the field so that wounded players will know where to go to get medical attention.

                                            Grenades !!!

     Grenades are definitely our most popular items and for good reason. They add a lot of strategy and excitement to the games. To use it, you simply pull the chain. It then starts blinking and beeping faster and faster. You have three seconds to throw the grenade and get you head down before it “blows up” and tags people out. If used right, a grenade can take out a whole group of people

We Keep the Players Challenged

As soon as the laser tag players are ready for another challenge, our gamer referee will introduce a new toy into the mix.


For more informatino on how we run the events, give us a call at (503) 991-1834