Questions for Crossfire

What makes Crossfire the PREMIER laser tag party service? 
  • We specialize in laser tag and have been hosting parties for over a decade
  • We have skilled referees who love their job
  • We use industrial quality laser tag gear
  • The arenas we set up are fantastic (more hiding places = more fun)
  • We have an awesome sound system and great music
  • Our goal: To offer the best mobile laser tag service in the Northwest. Every year we find ways of improving our service. Last year we upgraded our sound system and started using respawn medic boxes. What are we adding next year? You’ll just have to wait and see.

How many people can play at one time?
  • With a regular unit event, there are 16 players in each game.
  • If you have a large event coming up, you could schedule a super-sized unit. We'd set up a HUGE arena and have 24 players in each  game. Crazy fun!

What happens if the event is going to be outdoors and we get rained out?
  • If the weather looks bad we'll call you on the morning of the event and ask if you still want to proceed. If you do and when we arrive it is raining too hard to play lasertag, you will only be charged the commute fee (60 cents per mile).

Does your laser tag gear work in direct sunlight / bright stadium lights?
  • Our gear utilizes Sunplay technology, which basically means that it works perfectly under any lighting condition. 

What age group is best for Laser tag?
  • Laser tag has a wide appeal. For young kids we’ll make the games simple and fast. For teenagers and adults, we'll ramp up the complexity and challenge. Laser tag really does work for all ages. Yes, that is a sales pitch but it’s also true.

How much room is needed to play?
  • ​Ideally the playing area will be somewhere between 40 X 50 feet up to 60 X 90 feet. However, often the best arenas are squeezed around peoples' homes to create a circular battle field. We are flexible and will adjust our setup to meet your needs.

Where will you travel to?
  • We host parties throughout Oregon and south Washington.