Dear Crossfire:

I Just wanted to thank you again for a great youth group event.  Our teens haven't stopped talking about the battles and are already looking forward to our next booking in October. The games were geared perfectly for our group and everything was run very professionally (even if you wouldn't give me invincibility to teach these kids a lesson!) (hee hee). 
Crossfire definitely delivered. Your prices are great and already one of my staff plans to call you about a soccer team outing and several parents are interested in birthday parties.  Everyone was impressed. 

Joe C. 
Youth Pastor,  Salem Oregon

Crossfire Lasertag helped me put on a birthday party for my twelve year old son and 15 of his friends. The party was a huge success, all of the children had a great time. You could tell that their game referee had experience dealing with children, he interacted with them very well. I would highly recommend Crossfire Lasertag and will hire them again for my son's next birthday.

Linda Meloche
Carlton, Or

Dear Crossfire:

First of all let me thank you for being a great part of our All Night Drug & Alcohol Free Graduation Party.  We could never have pulled off entertaining the kids in such a way without Crossfire Lasertag.
    When the parents had to plan the Graduation Party for our kids in a facility that they have used since kindergarten, it became a real challenge.  Crossfire Lasertag was the hit of the event.  You gave our kids that virtual video game experience.  The students were talking about it for weeks after the party.  At our final senior parent meeting even the adults that played were reliving the exciting games.  Having lasertag in our gym helped make our graduation party a wonderful memory for everyone involved.
    What I, as one of the organizers, found especially helpful was the fact that Crossfire came in and was totally self-sufficient.  Crossfire took care of everything. This left our chaperones free to take care of other parts of the party.
    The kids had to fill out an evaluation of the party for one of the grants that we received.  One of the questions was: What did you like most about the graduation party? The most common answer? "Lasertag". When asked what they would  change about the graduation party, the most common answer was, "more time for lasertag".

    Thanks again!  You were very organized and easy to work with. Crossfire was a real asset to our All Night Drug & Alcohol Free Graduation Party!  We couldn't have done it without you!!

Culver Graduation Party Committee

My friends and I usually stick to Paintball but we thought we would give Crossfire a try. I glad we did. The gear Crossfire uses is simply outstanding. Every time we started another game, the Crossfire referee added something new to the mix.  By the end of the day we were playing with limited ammo, medics, healing stations, ammo carriers and team based time limits. It was really an exciting event. 

We have scheduled two more events and are eagerly awaiting our next engagement.

Mike Nix,  Silverton Oregon