Here are some ideal locations.

  • If you are a member of a church, often you can use a room in their facility, such as a gym or conference room.
  • Offer to throw a class party and you may be able to use the gym at your children's school.
  • You could have the party at a local park or a state park. 
  • You could rent a field at an indoor soccer facility.
  • If you have a decent yard or if your yard wraps around your house, that's a great location. 
Where can I host a laser tag party?
The playing area can range from 40ft X 50ft up to 60ft X 90ft, but often the best arenas are squeezed around peoples' homes to create a circular battle field.  We are flexible and will adjust our setup to meet your needs.

If you approach your church or school about using their facility, it might be helpful to point out that Crossfire Lasertag is fully insured and that it is a safe and fun activity.